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"Susan Goldberg brings to the table a respect for the client and their needs. She is truly consultative, listens, questions and leaves you with the confidence that she knows what intellectual and tactical skills you are looking for. Equally, if not more important, she takes time to know your company and its culture so that she can match the behavioral and cultural fit; less wasting less time and ensuring a higher degree of success in the candidates she recommends. You like her and you trust her! She cares about success – yours and the candidates she recommends."

-V. Mikal J.
 Former executive People and Culture, retail marketing consulting firm.   Now an HR consultant and Life Coach

"It was a pleasure working with Susan Goldberg. Her commitment and enthusiasm were as real as it gets. She was available when I needed her and never made it seem like it was an inconvenience. She was always there. Susan also brings one very unique skill to the table, which she has mastered. She listens. She takes the time to listen to what all of your issues are and offers solutions. Susan has great deal of knowledge about the television industry which is a plus. In an industry where you don't get a second chance Susan Goldberg scores the first time."

-Jerry R.
  Senior executive in media

"Susan Goldberg's efforts enabled us to fill several key searches quickly and cost effectively. She fully understood the core competencies the positions required and demonstrated considerable skill and tenacity by identifying a strong slate of qualified candidates. Susan has an in depth knowledge of both the Entertainment industry as well as the Executive Recruitment process and completed her assignments professionally and efficiently. We would be delighted to use her services in the future."

-Carolyn D.
  Professional in executive recruiting at media conglomerate

"I originally hired Susan over the course of a phone conversation. I didn't meet her personally until the placement was successfully completed. We spent a lot of time on the phone as Susan wanted to communicate the details of the recruitment process as much as possible and I wanted confirmation that I hired the right search professional. I did. And I used her again for my next open position. My sense of Susan from our first conversation until today remains the same: she is honest, upfront, resourceful, smart, and has a lot of integrity. She is also a lot of fun to work with, she's open, has a great sense of humor and you can connect with her on a personal level because she wants to understand her clients as people."

-Glenn W.
  Investment banker in technology and telecommunications

"As a young professional new to management I find navigating the whole people management process, including hiring, pretty daunting. Susan helped me see and assess our issues and challenges thoroughly and calmly, so that I could better understand our needs with confidence and then delivered the right candidates to solve the challenges. Throughout the process, I always knew she had my back and that in itself had a reassuring effect. If you know Susan, you know she has that effect on people. She brings to the table a keen proficiency in evaluating people and situations which is partially due to her keen ability to truly listen. With every step of the executive search process, she kept me informed and to task, her attention to detail and follow through made my life so much easier. The owner of the company claims 'She brings out the best in people.' I think she just understands people and likes to give credit when it's due. Susan is a welcome addition to our support team."

-Dina K.
 Senior executive in construction

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