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Your Hiring Decisions

Whether you are hiring to bring your business new ideas, a new direction, or new talent SGES can help you find and keep your senior level professionals.

An executive search consulting project is not about playing the shell game with executives in our database. It's about giving you what you ask for. This is particularly true when recruiting young but experienced talent.  In the revolving door which has become the norm for many, we identify and vet those who are looking to stay and make a lasting impact.  Our goal is to help you avoid the constant hiring cycle.

Each executive search is special and unique.

It is a focused strategic detailed process that requires diligence and on average requires us to speak up to 300 unique people to gather their interest level, qualifications and referrals. Those who pass the first qualifiers have to be further interviewed for the intangibles that would make them the right fit for the position.  Equally as important, proper consideration must be given to whether the candidate fits into your corporate culture.

Why work with Us?

  • Years of Experience in Coaching and Hiring Young Senior Professionals
    We've been hiring young exceptional talent in media, entertainment and technology since the 1990's.  We even wrote a book about developing leadership skills geared towards their way of learning, through their own experience.
  • Years of Experience Coaching Those Who Hire Them
    Since the convergence of media, entertainment and communications, we've been guiding the leaders who had to hire rising talent for start-ups in technology.  We know what characteristics, backgrounds and values are better indicators of someone who is not always looking for the next opportunity once you hire them.  And we work with our clients with programs that give value to the new person so that they can remain happy.  
  • An Open Style
    At SGES, we are accessible and want to be. We don't hide behind a facade of mystery. Everything you want to know is explained in a way so that you can feel more comfortable.
  • We Don't Ease Off
    You don't give up, neither do we. We have an enthusiasm for our work that extends throughout the entire process of your search project.  SGES has a single-minded determination to find the best people for you until someone is hired or the project has been put on pause. And, afterward, we work with you so that that someone stays in their position and that there is no buyer's remorse on either side.
  • You're One of a Handful
    We only work with a very select few at a time: a very small number of projects and consulting clients. Because of this limit, we can give you the focus that your project needs.
  • Giving Back
    Recent changes in our world remind us everyone is important. We desire to give back to the community and help others less fortunate benefit from our services. SGES donates a percentage of each fee we receive to a non-profit. By working with us, you are helping them. While other search firms may feel similarly, to our knowledge we are the only such firm that has this type of commitment to a single charity. 
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"Susan...brings one very unique skill to the table, which she has mastered. She listens. She takes the time to listen to what all of your issues are and offers solutions." » more
-Jerry R.   Senior executive in media