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"I first met Susan Goldberg many years ago when she offered me a job on behalf of one of her retained clients. I didn't take the job, but I was highly impressed by Susan's intelligence and integrity. I have trusted her as my advisor since then, and I have always been glad I did.

Susan knows the entertainment industry, the trends and the players, as attested to by her client list. She has deep understanding of organizational dynamics. She is extremely intelligent and strategic, and helps her clients to think through what their needs really are. But what I like best about Susan is her integrity. She is straightforward and expects the same. I have even seen her walk away from potential contracts on occasion when she felt that she had to. I would absolutely trust Susan when decisions are critical, and have often recommended her to colleagues and friends. I am grateful to know and have worked with her."

-Stanley F.
  Former senior international executive in media

"I was introduced to Susan through a colleague several years ago, and we've remained in close contact ever since. Susan's knowledge of the industry and her connections throughout the media world are extensive. But it was her sound advice during my transition from HBO to Viacom that was truly invaluable to me. Her experience and accumulated wisdom in the executive search field — knowing the inner workings of countless media companies and understanding the subtleties of contract negotiations — make her a great resource."

-Dan S.
  Executive in online production for large media company

"Susan has a strong knowledge of the ever-changing business climate and is up to date on the economic, financial and political landscape that affects small and medium size companies to multinational conglomerates. She is thorough, thoughtful and attentive to her clients and takes tremendous pride in her work."

-John T.
  Digital CRM Marketer

"I know from years of experience of working with her, that I can trust whatever she will tell me will be truthful, useful, and thoughtful. I also know that she has a creative perspective of looking at developing markets. For instance, she has sponsored highly specialized industry events to increase communication between a select group of individuals she deems to be the up and comers of the future and in the process has developed strong personal relationships with these individuals."

-Jocelyn A.
  Digital Producer

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